Musical-Lee Yours
Leotha Stanley designed and orchestrated the music for our wedding.   We didn't have any specific ideas of the music we wanted.  All we knew was that we wanted the overall feeling to our ceremony to be "joyful".    Leotha Stanley with his wife Tamera and some of their friends took joyful to a new level.  The main musical number they sang was "O' Happy Day" which brought smiles and warmth to the worship.   And after we were announced husband and wife we held hands and walked out of the church as they sang "He is Awesome".    Leotha also put together our reception music by assembling a band which he played keyboard. The music was a big hit as it ranged from ballads to polkas to classics.   With Leotha comes great spirit, warmth and talent.  And that wonderful combination that he brings to his craft translates into joy. ----- Sara White and Dana Erickson   8/2009   
“Lee Stanley and his wife Tamera helped complete a perfect wedding ceremony.  Their music was incredibly beautiful.  Lee played the keyboard and Tamera was the vocalist. What was so impressive is that this was an outdoor ceremony and the acoustics were perfect!  We had so many compliments from our guest on all aspects of the ceremony and the music in particular.  I don't think anyone was prepared for that quality of music in an outdoor setting.  Lee and Tamera were professional in every aspect and it was a pleasure to have them share such a joyous occasion with us. Lacinda Smith-mother of the groom.Christen and I decided live music would be a great addition to our wedding ceremony.  I knew Lee for a couple years before our wedding and was interested in hearing him perform.  He invited Chrissy and I over to talk about what we wanted played, and introduced us his wife (and vocalist) Tamera.  After just a couple minutes we knew we wanted them to perform.  What really impressed me is how much fun they were having just performing for us in their living room.  You can tell that playing the piano and singing is what Lee and Tamera love to do.  There performance at the wedding seemed to come natural to them, and couldn't have been better. “ -Matt Smith 6/2009
“Music sets the mood of a wedding.  For that reason we wanted someone special to play at Chrissy and Matt’s  wedding. We had a beautiful setting and a beautiful day.  Lee and Tamera captured the moment perfectly.  Guests could not stop raving about their accompaniment. We can’t recommend them highly enough. “

Ted and Anne Bell