Musical-Lee Yours

As the former Assistant to the Director of Community Relations in the Office of the Chancellor at UW-Madison, Lee worked with many schools in Madison and the surrounding area promoting education, graduation, and a college education for all.

Since his early years in Milwaukee, Lee excelled in music and athletics.  He began playing the piano for his church choir at the age of 13.  In high school, college, and post graduation, he was a track and field star, specializing in the long jump.  He was co-MVP his senior year at UW.  Lee graduated from the University of WI in 1978 with a degree in education but also managed to start a gospel choir at UW and released an album of original songs several years later. 

After graduating from college, Lee traveled throughout the US and Europe representing the US competing in the long jump and qualified for the US Olympic trials in Los Angeles�but didn�t make the team at that point.  However, he did make it as a contestant on the Wheel of Fortune game show and won a grand piano!!  Later, Lee did make a US Team and represented his country in a dual track meet with England in 1987 bringing home a silver medal. 

From 1982 until 2000 Lee was a paramedic with the Madison Fire Dept. and during this time, and since then, he has worked with countless schools in Madison and throughout the Midwest as an artist in residence teaching many different genres of music to children.  He has written two books of music for children, has composed scores of songs and has been the music director for the Mt. Zion Church in Madison for 34 years.

Lee has also composed music for the Madison Symphony, has performed at the Governor�s mansion, and has appeared at many civic events.  He has won numerous honors for his work in community service, music, and youth development.

Lee is married to Tamera and has four children who have taken after him and his talents.  His daughter Letrice is a music teacher, his son Greg is a music producer, his son Lee is a graphic artist, and his son Derek is a former member of the St. Louis Rams until an injury sidelined him.